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Cooperative Tithrite makes traditional flatweave rugs of the Middle Atlas Mountains. Their rugs are as beautiful as their social purpose -- half the cooperative's profit is used to fund local health initiates in their village.

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Hanbel Rug

Hanbel Rug | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Itto Amzil and 1 others

Dimensions:2m x 88cm x 1cm

Flat Weave Pile Knot Mix

Flat Weave Pile Knot Mix | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Itto Amzil and 3 others

Dimensions:3m 5cm x 2m 44cm x 1cm

Hanbel Rug

Hanbel Rug | Made To Order Only

Dimensions:1m 42cm x 66cm x 1cm

Hanbel Rug

Hanbel Rug | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Kenza Oulaghda

Dimensions:1m 43cm x 96cm x 1cm

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Meet the Artisans of Association Tithrite


Kenza Oulaghda

Itto Shedli

Khadija Rabane

Fatima Oulfde

Fatima Oukhalu

Itto Amzil

Fatima Oukhallou Mimoun

Hyatt Olafde

Zahra Idrissi

Nazha Ajdaa


About Association Tithrite

Association Tithrite is located in the small agricultural village of Ait Hamza, approximately 100 kilometers south of the Moroccan city of Fez. Kenza Oulaghda, the association's president, founded the Tithrite in 2008 in order to help improve the income of women in Ait Hamza and promote the development of her village. Kenza's vision was to blend surrounding mountains and traditional Amazigh culture inspired by the designs and colors found throughout each of the association’s products. While the association creates a wide variety of woven products, it specializes in Hanbal rugs that are unique to the Middle Atlas region of Morocco. While the hanbals are woven into the heritage of the women of Ait Hamza, fewer and fewer women are learning the skill as a result of the low prices they receive from selling their craft. Accordingly, one of the objectives of Association Tithrite is to organize the women in Ait Hamza in order to help generate more income from each rug sold. Also, the association is currently training more girls in weaving techniques to further preserve the area’s traditional weaving skills. The rugs represent more than just income for the women, they also support the association’s vision of becoming a model, or shining star, of community led development. Through each sale of their woven products, the association invests 50% of the sale price into local projects that support the development of their village. The association has worked with organizations such as the U.S. Peace Corps and Morocco’s Ministry of Health to provide free, community-wide, health screenings, and implement environmental awareness campaigns. In addition to this, the association uses the sales of their carpets to provide weekly literacy classes for women in the village. In the association’s immediate future, it is saving money to transform its small one room mud walled building into a new office in which it can grow its operations. One day, the association hopes to create enough jobs and opportunities within Ait Hamza so that its youth will no longer be forced to work in far away cities.


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