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Fatiha Charrou

Fatima Charrou

Rkiya Ait Addi

Khadija Mahamdi

Touda Zarif


About Ayt Yahya Oalla

Ait Yahya Oualla is a small farming Amazigh village nestled in the Mid Atlas Mountains. In 2007, the village formed an Association to provide activities for the youth in the village. In 2017 the Association expanded to include a focus on women, which gave birth to a women-run sewing cooperative. In 2022 the cooperative expanded to include a weaving cooperative. Many older women in Ait Yahya Oualla learned how to weave at a young age, but then stopped weaving because they couldn’t earn an adequate income. The income potential now provided by the Anou sparked a burst of energy to restart their dormant weaving skills. Within a week, women from all over the village came together to form the weaving cooperative. There is a new buzz in the village from the excitement sparked by renewing this important art form and the opportunity to improve the lives of the village women as they look forward to weaving together a growing cooperative of women of all ages. Purchases of rugs will make this dream a reality!


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