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Zinba Makhlouf

Aicha Termoun

Hadda Alkortobi

Aziza Akhoya

Mina Akhoya

Mouna Beniessi

Fatema Akhoya



About Cooperative Tatrout

The Tatrout Cooperative in Tounfit region, established in 2017 by local women, aims to market their products, enhance their skills, and improve their living conditions. Tounfit, known for its cold mountainous terrain and abundant forest cover, particularly cedar and apple trees, relies heavily on livestock farming and agriculture, especially grains. This vegetation provides grazing for livestock and natural dyes for wool, benefiting women weavers who couldn't pursue formal education. The name "Tatrout" is linked to the region, situated in the tourist area of Midelt province in the Middle Atlas. Its fame stems from sustainable forest management rather than haphazard exploitation. By sending a message, you agree to our Terms. Read our Privacy Policy. Don't share sensitive info. Chats may be reviewed and used to train our models. Learn about your choice


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