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Mohamed Ouahi

Mohamed Boubker

Mustapha Chouai

About Nahda Smiths

Oued Ifrane is a town of the Ifrane Province and is located in the Atlas mountains. The region is known for its very large cedar forest and the main activities are agriculture and livestock farming. The locals are Amazigh (berber) descent of three main tribes tribes (Ait Mouli, Ait Mroul and Ait Miguil) and other travelers and passerby who settled in the region. As an intrinsic part of the culture, many people practice craft as a pastime. The members of this cooperative are three very socially active residents who work as blacksmiths in a workshop where they fix metal doors, objects or car parts for other residents of the town. When there was nothing to do at the workshop they used to play around with leftover metal and create different objects for fun. It was then that they decided to form as a cooperative and allocate time to work on their creations in parallel with their blacksmithing work.


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