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The Women's Cooperative of Khenifra creates beautiful, intricately handmade jewelry from the same material used to detail jellabas, Morocco's traditional dress.

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Cluster Necklace

Cluster Necklace | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Fatima Nouaman

Dimensions:58cm x 2cm x 1cm

Long Strand Necklace

Long Strand Necklace | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Fatima Nouaman

Dimensions:1m 40cm x 1cm x 1cm

Multistrand Necklace

Multistrand Necklace | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Latifa Ouldae

Dimensions:66cm x 1cm x 1cm

Button Dangle Earrings

Button Dangle Earrings | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Malika Fakir

Dimensions:1cm x 1cm x 1cm

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Meet the Artisans of Women's Cooperative of Khenifra


Fatima Nouaman

Fadma Chafik

Saadia Oukas

Zhour El Kabach

Aicha Oukhalak

Malika Azzani

Samira Blkas


Malika Fakir

Malika Amrou

Rachida Ousbigh

Latifa Ouldae

Fatima Lakhba

Meryem Birali


About Women's Cooperative of Khenifra

The jellaba button is an essential part of traditional Moroccan clothing and are individually hand sewn together. Naturally, it is a tedious process that requires a steady hand mixed with considerable talent. After hand making jellaba buttons for most of their lives and selling them to seamstresses for little pay, a group of women, with the help of U.S. Peace Corps volunteers, decided to create their own products using jellaba buttons. As a result, they created a new, innovative jewelry line that blends contemporary and traditional Moroccan design. The products quickly became a hit, and have since become one of the most popular artisan crafts in Morocco. To manage the explosive growth of their sales, the group of women decided to become an official cooperative in 2008. Today, the cooperative provides meaningful income to a bustling group of 20 women and their families who are currently working on their next design to sell to you!


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